The surroundings

  • It is a country of wind turbines


  • The river Neiße forms the natural national border towards the East



  • The local beer is named after the Landeskrone, a 200m high, extinct volcano that rises on the south-western edge of the town


  • To the West, around Königshain, there is the worldwide smallest mountain range with its meanwhile defunct granite quarries, which are now filled with water


  • The North is flat and a country of forests, lakes and ponds, and is home to the family adventure playground Kulturinsel Einsiedel with Germany's first ever tree house hotel


  • To the South you pass Lake Berzdorf, which abuts against the town and is nearly as big as the town itself; after 40km you get to the mountains such as the Zittau and the Jizera Mountains


  • For ecological reasons, Ostritz was part of the World Exposition in Hannover and borders on the convent St Marienthal at the exit of the Neiße cut-through.


  • Since the last World War, Zgorzelec  (pronounced Sgoshelets) has been the Polish part of old Görlitz and the gateway to the former Lower Silesian administrative district Legnitz, to the Riesengebirge [Giant Mountains] as well as to places like Hirsch- and Grünberg.